“Capturing the best in people” since 1994.

Gather your guests together for originality, wonder and laughter!

Event Caricatures

Create a lively, crowd-pleasing atmosphere by hiring me to draw quick portrait caricatures of your guests. People love to banter as they watch the best in themselves and others spring to life in a few short minutes. Watching each caricature develop, line by line, helps “loosen up” the crowd for a relaxed, festive mood.

Hiring me removes the worry from your Event planning. I can draw anyone, from babies to seniors, from bold to shy. Always on time and professional, I deliver welcome entertainment in an affordable format for Tradeshows, Conventions, Grand Openings, Corporate Parties & Picnics, Holiday Events, Landmark Dates such as Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Retirement, Engagement, Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bon Voyage and more…

I will gladly travel in the greater Portland, Oregon area to entertain at your event. To discuss more distant venues, please contact me by phone or email.

Call or email today to book Barbara Pikus as your caricaturist.

Your best buddy!

I capture the essence of that sweet face in Dog Caricatures.

Custom Caricatures

In addition to local event caricatures, Custom Caricatures can be created from digital photos from any long distance location. Be sure to check out the Custom page for details about customized gifts for special events.

Photos by Steele Photography

Guests love these personalized, hand-drawn quick portrait caricatures. They are a popular original art keepsake from any event.


Spirit Mountain Casino
Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc.
CH2M Hill
Multnomah Athletic Club
and more…